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Dropped Tooth Brush in Toilet

Good thing it was mine and not the roommates’…

Cost of Buying a Vacuum

The Cost Benefit Analysis of Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Here is what happens when a consultant and a non-profit employee become roommates. A typical dinner conversation turns into a cost benefit analysis like the following: Cost of Buying a Vacuum  + Time Required to Vacuum  < Throw Out $20 Rug + Sweep Dust Under Couch We call these conversations:  #MajorRoommateDecisions

No Toilet Paper

No Toilet Paper

Introducing, Roommate-isms: funny one liner’s your roommates says or you wish you could say to your roommate. Submit your entertaining roommate-ism today by commenting below. If privacy is preferred,  drop me an email – levy dot julia at  Best submissions will be posted and illustrated.