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Neighbor for Rent


Does She Have a Wok?!

92 year old “Alice” lives down the hall.  She is extremely curious. Her crystal blue eyes light up her frail face when we engage in conversation, our chats typically taking place in the hallway beside the elevator. She stops me when I am tossing the garbage down the trash chute …


Neighbor for Rent

This note was discovered on a friend’s doorway leading into the apartment, (lovingly) left behind, anonymously, by a neighbor. Dear Neighbors: Your bathroom looks directly into our living space. We’ve seen (unintentionally) tenants of your apt in various stages of undress (including completely naked). We assume this is as embarrassing to you as …


Meet The Neighbors

Other than a few head nods in the elevator and an awkward conversation or two about the weather, I barely knew my neighbors in my New York apartment building. No time like the evening I was moving out to make their acquaintance. I walked down the dim narrow hallway, and …

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Hallway Etiquette

This week, a sign appeared in my apartment building’s elevator. Typically, I ignore these letters at large, but this time I took a closer look.  The sign requests the tenants not leave shoes, umbrellas or personal items in the hallway. Even though we do not share a bathroom or kitchen …