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Hi, I’m Julia. Six years, four roommates. That was my ratio when I began this blog – the median of my New York City friends, sandwiched between two extremes – finance focused brothers from college who live together in a polished Upper West Side doorman building and the high school friend whose East Village walk-up with fake walls more closely resembles a hostel with its rotating roommates than a permanent residence

Until I moved to New York City, the only roommate I ever shared space with was my black Labrador Retriever who occasionally slept at the foot of my bed. Except for sleep-away camp summers,  the only child in me remained roommate-less, even throughout college. However, one pivotal experience gave me a birds eye view of roommate relationships that was priceless: my job as a Resident Advisor to 60 freshmen boys and girls in Clara Dickson Hall.

When my debut as a roommate finally arrived at 22 years old, I navigated this new adventure with curiosity. It was accompanied by conversations with family and family about the timeless, yet similar experiences we all shared with roommates. Beyond college and New York City — the boarders renting from my Great Grandmother during the Great Depression, the empty nesters whose child returns home, and the natural disaster hosts who open their hearts to families in need— all represented vast and diverse roommate experiences.

Four roommates, and six years later, I am sharing these stories of how we share spaces. All stories are in first person, and true (collected from friends, friends of friends, and my past). For the record, no posts are about my current roommate.


To share your roommate experiences, contact me – roommateforrent (at) or fill out this form.


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