This Week in Craigslist


Oh #NYC and your Craigslist Postings. Highlights from the week:

From #Chelsea

You get 250 sq. ft. of your very own, including your own bedroom (with a door).

[But wait, to clarify, it’s actually 100 sq. ft. = a (furnished) bedroom PLUS 150 sq. ft. = "social/work space"]

Washer/Dryer in the Flat: it doesn’t get better than this!!! and Persian rugs

I had no idea Persian rugs would be such a draw, but they don’t merit extra exclamation points!

To #Williamsburgh

We are students from Ireland that are working and also interning in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We are easygoing, social, creative-love music and the arts ,chill with a movie or a drink on our rooftop! We want roommates that enjoy meeting new people, go out to a gig or go for a drink and chill out with us, Send us your info and any Facebook profiles etc.

Gigs and Facebook profiles – my oh much apartment hunting has changed.

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