Strike 1: Bowling Alone in NYC Apartments

rotateWhen I saw this note appear in the elevator, I thought of Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone. I read it years ago, but every time I observe someone striving to create “social capital,” I cheer. However, when I followed up with my neighbor, I learned that no one had submitted any news. Sigh, the anonymity of New York City life.  Perhaps, I’ll take the first step? For the rest of my neighbors, there’s always February?  

The Board of Directors have given me their okay to publish a newsletter. It will likely be put out quarterly but more often if necessary. If you would like to be on the committee that puts the newsletter together, contact me in Apartment X or online here:

Please help us keep your fellow tenants informed about what’s going on and help them know a little more about you. If you’re new the building, let us know. If you are expecting, let us know. If you have something interesting to share, let us know and we will pubish it.

This will not be a platform for building complaints or suggestions. Please address those issues to the management agent. This will be your newsletter and it will be up to you to be all it can be. I and my committee look forward to hearing from you.

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