Mod Podge to Match

With the New Year, comes new content. Roommate for Rent is kicking off a new series of “How To’s” – posts on all things apartment related, from decorating to cooking. The best part is that I’m expanding the authors. So, if you have an idea for one post or a series of posts – send me an email and we can get started (Levy dot Julia at Gmail dot com). To kick us off, the talented Samantha Robins’ creativity in action.

In college, my roommate’s mother bought us all white wooden letters at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store. She wanted to help us decorate our apartment at Penn State University.  In a bare bones college apartment, it matched the decor perfectly. I kept this sentimental wooden “S” with me for years. When I moved into my  NYC apartment apartment, I thought it was  time to spice it up. I wanted it to match my new room. Before, in its plain wooden state it was great, but it needed a makeover.

I looked around my room for inspiration and zoomed in on my quilt! It’s a bunch of different patterns – the colors and texture are inspiring visually. This will work with any duvet cover or even the rug in your room. Here is the step by step process of how I took my vision and made it reality – you can do it too – in less than two hours!


Step 1

I took pictures on my iphone of one of the patterns on the quilt. I printed out six color copies.


Step 2

Then, I cut the paper into little random shapes — triangles, squares, zigzags, whatever designs you want. I used Mod Podge and a foam brush to glue on the paper to the letter, until it was covered entirely.


Step 3

Let it dry, and voila – I had my masterpiece.


Step 4

I hung mine over my door, but my roommate put hers on a shelf in the corner of her room which also looked fabulous.

SR5My Aunt visited my apartment and noticed the designed “S.” She asked me if I bought it at Athropologie! She was super impressed, although she wasn’t so far off – I did buy my quilt there.

For more inspiration, check out these other Mod Podge ideas on Pinterest.

Samantha Robins resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with three roommates. In her spare time, she dabbles in decorating their historic brownstone apartment. A New Jersey native, she attended Penn State University. 

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