Hibernating with Roommates

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It’s winter. It’s freezing. School’s cancelled. And working from home is the most logical option (if feasible). With yesterday’s major snow day for New York City, a lot of us in cold climates are hibernating inside until the ice melts and temperatures rise.

When polling her friends on Facebook, one of my friends asked:  “Hey New Yorkers, are you going outside today?” Most people wholeheartedly agreed no way, only if necessary, and one of my favorite responses was the following: “Only to go to the gym and I’m from Minnesota!” Well, I’m from the South, so I’m definitely not leaving my apartment. 

So, when you are stuck inside a small space, there’s a lot that you begin to notice, especially if your roommate is also sharing the tight quarters. Observations like this begin to pop into your head…

  • I’m pretty sure my neighbors above me just started a bowling league or maybe they are playing musical chairs. Could they be any louder? Should I go up there and ask if I can play too?
  • My roommate only knows how to cook eggs, maybe I should teach her how to use the oven?
  • Should I follow my roommate’s lead and exercise in the living room instead of watching her work-out as I eat dinner? Nah, that takes too much effort.
  • I smell really great chicken parm coming from the apartment next door. Note to self – try to  score an invitation for dinner sometime, and catch their name while I’m at it.
  • My roommate tends to use a lot of toilet paper. I guess she doesn’t have tissues to blow her nose?
  • He’s watching another T.V. show ? I think my roommate may have an addiction to Hoarders and Housewives.

So, instead of focusing on all your roommate’s quirks that are starting to drive you slightly insane, here are some fun roommate bonding activities that can make hibernation just that more bearable.

  • Plan a Party - Come up with an awesome theme. Let’s see, the Winter Olympics are coming up! Why not dress up as your favorite sport or athlete or maybe you want to think of warmer times ahead. How about a Winter Hawaiian party? Set a date, create the invite, tell all your friends and plan ahead for a fun gathering at your place or at the local bar.
  • Bake  - No need to start from scratch. Although, if your roommate has an amazing top secret family recipe, try to make that one together. Speaking from experience, it’s actually worth all the effort. Hopefully you don’t have to go out for the ingredients, that defeats the purpose of baking. If culinary talent isn’t your forte, Duncan Hines mix will have do! Bake cookies or cake and decorate  together.
  • Get Crafty - Find that stack of construction paper you bought for no particular reason, but now it’s going to come in handy! Since you are indoors, bring the snow to you by creating indoor snowflakes. You can print out cool patterns, if you aren’t artistically inclined. String them around your apartment and you’re on your way to being the next Martha Stewart !
  • Start a Blog -  How could I not suggest this? Seriously, how could I not suggest this, it’s me! Once, my roommate and I started a blog when we were stuck inside during a Hurricane. We kept it up for a few months chronicling our adventures in NYC, but then, we forgot about it, mostly because I had this blog to maintain. Maybe, there is a topic you are both interested in writing about – favorite restaurants or best coffee places – think big or small and start posting. Sites like WordPress and Tumblr make it  easy to so!
  • Learn Together – For all the inner nerds out there, why not spend time discovering a cool subject together? There are so many sites where you can watch videos, for free or a nominal fee, and learn about cool topics. A few of my favorites include: TED Talks, Skillshare, MIT, or Coursera.

What are some of your favorite ideas for hibernating with roommates? Chime in!

Photo Credit: WSPA (with photoshop)

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