What Would Santa Give Your Roommate? 12 Gift Ideas

With holiday season gift giving in full swing, don’t forget about your roommate! Whether you are best friends or worst enemies (let’s hope not), why not buy or make a gift to share together. We asked Santa for his top recommendations of what to get that special someone who you share approximately one-third of your life with. In no particular order:


1.  Arrow Pillows $45

From Etsy, these personalized pillows will look great on each of your bed’s or on the couch in the living room.

Take funny selfies with these pillows or just have them as accessories, either way, they are soft as a feather.



2. Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club: $55 per month 


Taste test decadent cheeses in your kitchen together every month from  New York City’s famous West Village cheese monger. Soon, you’ll be hosting wine and cheese parties together, teaching your guests about cheese from around the world.

Hopefully you’ll know if your roommate is lactose intolerant or not before investing in this gift,  otherwise add an additional $12 for a box of Lactaid pills.


3. “I Still Live With My Parents” Pajamas $39.99

parentsFor the roommate with a sense of humor, this pajama set is a hilarious outfit to parade around the apartment in. It’s too bad this onsie doesn’t come in an adult size.

If you don’t quite like this phrase, Cafe Press has hundreds more for you to choose from or create a pair  with an inside joke between you and your roommate: perhaps “My roommate snores louder than your roommate…”



4. Who’s Afraid of the Dark? $36

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.19.36 AM

Long winding path to the bathroom from your roommate’s bedroom? As ifWho has that much space in their apartment?

However, this vintage inspired night light will illuminate your apartment with character and make a great conversation piece for late night visitors. 




5. Cupcake Baking Class for Two $120


Why not get out of the apartment together for a baking adventure at Butterlane Cupcake Shop, one of the original NYC cupcakeries that rekindled the baked good obsession.

Whip up icing, mix the batter, and throw some flour on each other with your matching aprons (that’s an extra $40!) in this three hour long cooking class.


6.  You’ll Wash, I’ll Dry Tea Towel Set $14.99

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.50.05 AM

Add some humor to your kitchen with this vintage receipt style towel set from ModCloth. With prices for washing and drying listed, you and your roommate can go back and forth on whose turn it is to do the dishes.

Cleaning up a mess will never be the same, actually it totally will be, but you can try to make it more interesting. Here’s to saving up for you and your roommate to buy a dishwasher next year…





7.  Vinyl Record Player $99.00

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.49.46 AM

Is your television not working either? Or has NetFlix replaced the days of watching your favorite shows? Add some background music to your roommate conversations with this vintage inspired record player from Urban Outfitters.

Take a trip together to the local thrift store to pick out some records and rock out to Bing Crosby’s original tunes on the scratchy sounds of vinyl.


8.  #TBT “Do you recognize Me” Baby Key Chain Rack $15.00


Make everyday Throw Back Thursday with this awesome key chain rack for your apartment. Go to your local crafts store to purchase an unfinished wooden picture frame rack (with hooks or add them yourself), paint it your favorite color, and insert baby photos.

The  faces of each of you as little kids will make you smile every time you hang up your keys. How could you ever get mad at roommates who are so adorable?

This design and idea is compliments of Samantha Robins, a talented Upper West Sider who dabbles in apartment interior decorating as a hobby.

9. Clean/Dirty Signs $7.99


Why be passive aggressive when you can just be direct? These Etsy original signs allow you to give your roommate a hint/tell him or her to clean up immediately.




10. Decorate a Flip-Cup Christmas Tree $10.00


For the roommates on a budget or stuck in college, this flip cup inspired Christmas Tree is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a real tree.

As a roommate bonding activity, stack the cups together without toppling over, then decorate as you wish. Happy Holidays!




11. Peanut Butter and Jelly Rings $29.00


The modern day version of Best Friends Forever necklaces, these rings add a twist of creativity by referring to the roommates who stick together as peanut butter and jelly.

Switch off who gets to wear what ring! It’s certainly a conversation starter when you are out and about.




12. (Matching) Pink Flamingo Slippers $50.00


Walk around the apartment in style or looking so ridiculous that you laugh at each other all the time. Who can be mad at a roommate when you are constantly giggling?

Buy a matching pair – like these pink flamingos or spice it up with frogs, penguins, ladybugs, and more options, available at Novelty Slippers.


Happy Holidays from Roommate for Rent! What are your gift giving ideas?

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