Call Me, Maybe?


For the people who know me well, I’m constantly on a mission to find the next best roommate story. My friends are always contributing and extremely patient with me, even when it’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in the middle of a party scribbling notes to capture every detail of an experience in order to write about it the next day of course.  That was last night for me. So a special shout out is in order to my friend Phil for the awesome suggestion that I describing below.  He also set me step by step instructions, so I had no excuse!

I’m aware that realistically, one person can only have so many roommate experiences in her catalog of adventures sharing spaces. So, I need to ask the question of others, but what happens when someone doesn’t have a story that doesn’t come to mind immediately, how can I capture their experience when they think about them?

Introducing the “Roommate for Rent Hot Line” for anyone to call in and leave a message with his or her roommate story. Or Maybe you need advice on your roommate situation. Please leave your story or question after the beep: (657) 666-1758. And remember whatever you share can be posted on the blog or podcast (so specify if you would prefer your voice not be used and only the transcribed edition).

So, Call Me, Maybe? And thanks in advance for your Roommate story baby!

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