Cranberry Cocktail with a Splash of Roommate Love


resentSo, if your roommate isn’t your BFF, this postcard definitely epitomizes how you might feel about the prospect of spending Thanksgiving together - the secret ingredient is resentment. But, let’s pretend, in the spirit of giving thanks that you are turning over a new leaf this holiday season. While Thanksgiving is typically associated with family – a time when you escape your roommate – there are many quality ways to bond together leading up to the Big Day. Friendsgiving? So, how have you and your roommate celebrated Thanksgiving or the countdown to the big day?

1. Bake Cupcakes

Nothing like a little sugar to bring roommates together. There are many ways to get creative with the decorating. Chocolate turkey, anyone?



2.  A Thankful List 

Set the table (shocker, yes, people still set tables and cook (Hello Plated!) even if you aren’t sitting down to a formal meal) with a fill in the blank list. Write your responses independently and share them together over a meal.  thankfulfor


3.  Clean Out the Refrigerator = Food Art 

If you are planning to go away for the holiday anyways, you might as well clean out the fridge so you don’t return to moldy items left behind. One of you will likely blame the other forgetting to throw out the lettuce so why not create some bizarre Thanksgiving inspired food art.  Who knew grapes could look so good as feathers?



4. Paint Your Nails Together

Manicures are easy ways to share pampered time together or dive into your creative side by painting eachother’s nails with Thanksgiving themed decorations.



5. Decorate the Apartment

Showcase your thanks by decorating the apartment together with signs.

thankfull6.  Blend Thanksgiving Inspired Drinks

Cranberry Cocktail with a splash of vodka. Get creative with drinks for the holidays – apple pie martinis to wind down after a long day.




7. Volunteer Together

Give back to others at a soup kitchen by serving a meal.

VolunteersFeedMySheepWhat’s number 8,9, or 10 on your list?



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