Are You Flushing Kidding Me?


This Potty Putter is one of the best pranks my roommate has ever pulled on me. (The charming door handle still hangs on our bathroom as decor). But, sanitation is no laughing matter in the developing world.

When I read up on the 2.5 billion people who don’t have access to proper santiation, I realized how important it is to recognize this issue. In particular, because tomorrow is #WorldToiletDay. Sure, we have all waited for our roommate to finish in the bathroom, but there are people who don’t even have that luxury.

In honor of the day, I’ve curated my top 5 bathroom related roommate posts. What’s your best roommate related bathroom story? In no particular order, mine are the following:

1- No Toilet Paper:

2- The Post-It Roommate:

3- Teach Me How To Clean:

4- Separate But Not Equal:

5- Let’s Roll with It:

Learn more about how you can help out on #WorldToiletDay by clicking here.


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