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craigslist-housingSome people religiously read the NY Times Wedding Announcements. Others, like myself, derive way too much amusement perusing Craigslist apartment postings. Recently, I went exploring in the roommates wanted section. I found a few postings worth a double-take. Below is what is being offered and how I anticipate readers, myself included, might react. What would you reply?

Craigslist: “First off the room doesn’t have any windows, so if this is going to be a problem don’t ask to see the room and don’t reply.”

Me: Sure, no big deal, I don’t care if I see the sun or smell fresh air during the duration of our lease.

Craigslist: “The room doesn’t have any locks to preserve the original door (non of the rooms have locks but we are both trusty worthy roommates, looking for another trust worthy roommate.) You must be trust worthy as stated earlier we don’t have any locks on our windows.”

Me: That was a lot of trust-worthies, now, are you sure I can trust you?

Craigslist: “Since we have been here we haven’t paid one utility bill that includes water, electricity, and gas. We also enjoy free cable.”

Me: Sounds too good to be true. How does that work? Is that even legal? Are we going to get stuck with a bill for the entire year’s worth of utilities at the end of the lease?

Craigslist: “The ideal roommate would be: No older than 25 maybe 26. Must be going somewhere with your life we are both ambitious guys who are trying to be the best in our respective fields and more.”

Me: Sounds like a job interview. Do you need to see my SAT scores as well? How about adding some punctuation dudes!

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