Live with Him (at Work)


According to the Department of Labor, Americans spend on average 8.8 hours working per day – that’s more than sleeping! So, technically when we work with people, we have the potential to get to know their habits almost as well as when we live with them. You discover what people like to eat, how neat they are (raise your hand if you have a messy desk) and might even hear about their love life (who are those flowers from?)

Could you share space with Jake (as work roommates, of course?). His start-up, Designer Pages, has a pretty sweet space in Midtown Manhattan. I’ve enjoyed visiting. Roommate for Rent isn’t quite ready for office space yet, but maybe you might know someone who is. What would it be like to “live” with him? Let’s see…

Me: What are you looking for in a roommate?

Jake: A mench. Someone that knows the difference between broadloom and modular carpet. (I had to Google this #notamatch). Someone that appreciates the color scheme black, white, red. Someone that pays rent on time.

Me: What are the financials?
Jake: $850/mo for 307 RSF -or $1,000/mo for 466 RSF.
Me: What makes you an awesome roommate?
Jake: I’ll put your printouts from the photocopier on your desk. I’ll make sure we have your favorite soda in the fridge. I’ll be your friend but give you the privacy you deserve.
Me: If you had to pick a cartoon character to describe you, who would you be?
Jake: Little John from Robin Hood.
Me: What’s the best perk about the space?
Jake: Tons and tons of expensive, high-design furniture that’s been donated by friends and clients.
Me: What about the balcony?
Jake: Oh, yea, that too…(see photo)
Me: What’s currently in the fridge at the office?
Jake: Dr. Peppers and Dr. Browns Black Cherry.


Me: Who doesn’t love a Dr. Browns….

Like what you read? Be Jake’s work roommate – Jacob at Designer Pages dot com for details!

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