Meet the Roommates: Violet & Olivia

acReal life profiles of roommates and how they live together continues with Violet and Olivia who are hilariously entertaining and adorable roommates in Queens. Over a fun dinner at Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, in between bites of brisket and sweet potato, I laughed a lot as they told me their story of roommate bliss.

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How many roommates do you have?

Well there is both of us and Violet’s cats. So technically four total in a two bedroom.

How long have you lived together?

A little over a year.

How did you first meet?

We’ve been friends since high school – we met in high school in the Drama Club scene. Sometime in between dancing and performing in the musical Oklahoma, we became close friends.

Violet: Initially, Olivia seems really shy and quiet, but when you get to know her and she is completely the opposite.

Olivia: Shrugs her shoulders up and down, “Yea, that sounds about right!”

Is there a moment that solidified your friendship?

Violet: We both went to different colleges. I went to Fordham and Olivia went to College of Charleston. We stayed in touch usually via AIM since we were both up late doing work all the time.

Olivia: I was working on a sleep study and was up at all hours of the night documenting sleep patterns. Violet was always up late too so she would keep me company.

Violet: My junior year of college I was actually visiting Charleston with my boyfriend at the time and his family. I had saved up for the trip and was really excited to take the opportunity to also visit Olivia. However, my ex’s family wouldn’t let me leave the group. The agreement was Olivia could join us for a bit, but I couldn’t leave and meet up with them later. This resulted in a super awkward horse and buggy ride in downtown Charleston. I glanced over at Olivia and we conversed with intense glares:

Me: “Well this sucks. I’m so sorry.”

Olivia: “They’re totally going to make me pay for this crap too, aren’t they?”

Me: “Yeah, they totally are.”

Me: “It smells like horses.”

Olivia: “Yeah. Yeah, it does.”

Olivia: We were obviously always going to be best friends.

What cartoon characters represent your roommate relationship?

Olivia: Have you ever watched Spongebob Square Pants? Yeah, we’re totally Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.  We have many knitted blankets to match. Click here for inspiration!

What’s your favorite roommate bonding activity?

Violet: We like watching quality television. You know. ABC Family shows like “Pretty Little Liars,” and “Vampire Diaries.”

Olivia: Don’t you judge ABC Family, Violet. We also jam out while washing the dishes. You know, dancing around and singing some T-Swizzle.

Me: Excuse me, who is “T-Swizzle”?

Olivia: Taylor Swift!

Me: Ha, obviously. Well what’s your favorite song?

Violet: Right now it’s “Our Song.”

Olivia: “Sparks Fly.” Classic

Me: Mine is “Trouble!”

Who is the chef of the apartment?

Olivia: [Points at Violet]

Violet: Giggles

Olivia: I like junk food. Violet has coconut water in the fridge and I’m like let’s eat these chocolate chip cookies. I like cherry tomatoes now though thanks to Violet. So that’s a step towards eating healthier.

Violet: If Olivia likes something I cook, I make it like 40 more times cause otherwise she’ll just stick to pasta. There’s a quinoa dish I make that we both really like. We have a whole pot of it for the week, I hope we don’t get sick of it.

What’s a random fact about each of you?

Violet: Olivia loves horror movies.

Olivia: Violet cries at every movie, ever.

Violet: Not EVERY movie.

Olivia. Okay.

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