Top 18 Places to Meet Your Roommate

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Finding a roommate is not always as simple as living with your best friend. Where do you look for your “other half” to split the rent, share dishes and (maybe) throw an awesome party (every once in a while)? Let the search begin…

1. In College

Absolutely, those parties on the Quad should continue in the real world! Just make sure you and your roommate wake up on-time for work the next day, it’s not like missing class.

giphy (3)

2. At a Coffee Shop

Huh? Real apartment life isn’t like the show Friends?


3. On Craigslist

Well, I’m not prude, I’m just highly selective. I’m not certain I can tolerate living with a stranger.


4. At Oktoberfest

He is definitely going to bring the party home, he is the beer champion, after all. At least you can borrow those spiffy suspenders!


5. At the Gym

Your roommate will either keep you in shape or find unusual ways to devour Cheez-its together. T


6. Your Random Relatives

Your long lost cousin might just show up, without any notice, from some random island in the Mediterranean. Then, invite himself to be your roommate.


7. In Glee Club

The roommates who sing together in high school, stay together. Just don’t sing too loudly in the shower or you might get evicted.


8. At Comic Con

Super hero roommates will always come to your rescue. Make sure they remember to wash their costumes.


9. At Camp

Because living in a cabin in the woods is a great way to see how someone would live in a city. At least if you lost power, your roommate could start a fire for warmth.


10. On a Dating Website

Kill two birds with one stone? Save even more on rent! Until the break-up.

dating11. At a Nail Salon

Well the fumes may have gotten to her head, but you can still like her taste in nail polish color.


12. In the DDR Meet Up Group

C’mon, admit it, you played the game. You would embrace your inner nerd with your roommate.


13. Via a Facebook Post

Hey Friends, I need a place to crash ASAP! Hmm…Remind me how we know each other? (These pictures indicate my future roommate might be a bit intense.)


14. At Magic School

If you don’t get along, one roommate could use his powers to turn you into a toad while the other could make you disappear. Better to use the magic to clean the toilet instead!


15. Random College Housing Assignment

Not much of a choice here despite what you filled out on the request form, so until another room opens up, just deal with your toe nail eating nocturnal roommate.


16. At Burning Man

Ugh, as if! What happens in the desert, stays in the desert!

as if

17. At a Dance Party

As long as he doesn’t dance like this when you have friends over, it’s cool.


18. At the Dog Park

Just make sure you aren’t allergic to the puppy (or him) before you sign the lease.


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