The Love Sack

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When roommates move in together, it’s traditional to split items – one buys the dishes, the other brings the table. With our apartment almost completely furnished, we were missing just one key element to the living room – the couch. I gently nudged my roommate, reminding him it was his responsibility to purchase our main place to sit. And so he began a pursuit for the perfect couch – searching Craigslist like a crazy person, hitting refresh every five minutes, hunting for deals – sound familiar? We’ve all been there!

When he announced he had located our newest place to sit, I nodded in hesitant agreement, handing over my car keys upon his request. An hour later, he called from the street outside our apartment. “Dude! I’m downstairs! Need your help lifting this couch thing.”  When I arrived at the car, the windows were rolled down so that the “couch” straddled the back seat. The pink, fluffy velour fabric was not quite what I had expected, but then again this was my roommate, “Mr. Frugral and Too Forgetful to Take A Shower.”

Sweaty from the schlepping and lack of deodorant usage, my roommate desperately needed a shower right now. I held my nose as I asked what he had purchased. “It’s a love sack!” he replied in excitement, sounding a little bit too much like the song “Love Shack.” “Well, technically, it’s a couchette!” he responded. “I got it for $50 bucks!” he was so proud. But,  given we were way past college, I couldn’t help but ask myself, what would guests in our apartment think of us when they saw this love sack? What would the girls who came over wonder about our maturity level? Clearly, this was not a question my roommate had thought about before making the purchase. As I asked more about the origin of the newest addition to the living room, my roommate recounted the story of the mom who was eager to get rid of this piece of furniture while her son was away at sleep away camp. I wondered how much popular this adolescent had been before he left.

Ironically, after my temper tantrum, I got excited by this love sack. It become the most popular place to sit. When a friend sat down, we heard a thump as a houseguest sat down in it. Unzipping the fabric to discover the source of the noise inside, we located a secret stash of candy. It must have been the kids before he went off to camp.Maybe he had been more popular than we thought!

My roommate and I looked at each  other quizzically. Unfortunately, I had lived with him too long that I knew what he was thinking – let’s eat the candy! The medical student in me was not certain about taking any chances on candy from the Love Sack. I’m not quite certain if he ever ate it. I’ll never know!


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