Meet The Roommates

DipticI’m kicking off a new feature on Roommate for Rent – real life profiles of roommates and how they live together. The series begins with Sam and Nate. Over a fun dinner, in between wine and bread, I laughed a lot as they told me their roommate story.

If you would like to be profiled on “Meet the Roommates” drop me a line here: levy dot julia at Now, on with our show!

How did you meet?

At Birth! (They are brothers)

How long have you lived together?

Sam: “Six years!

Nate: “No way, that long!”

Sam: “Time flies when you are having fun!”

Who is the Chef of the Apartment?

Sam: “You’ve been to my dinner parties.”

Nate: “If I invited you over, you wouldn’t be able to resist my food.”

Sam: “Well, you just throw it all in the pot, some of it comes out cooked, some of it doesn’t.”

Nate: “That’s not true. I’m not so focused on the presentation. Arugala, here, arugala, there!”

Sam: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Ok, what about clean versus messy?

Sam: “Well, we have someone who comes and cleans the apartment. He doesn’t really like it.”

Nate: “The cleaning lady doesn’t need to come twice a month! It’s too much!”

Sam: “Oh please, Mr. I have never lifted a toilet brush! We need her.”

Nate: “Not when the floors are so slippery, I almost fell and broke my leg. It’s like an ice rink in our apartment.”

Sam: “That’s because I swiffer in between when the cleaning lady isn’t around. Clean floors are very important. Martha Stewart’s House Keeping Handbook is practically my bible for the apartment.”

[waiter arrives with glass of Red Wine. Nate takes a sip. Sam observes his reaction.]

Sam: “How is it?”

Nate: “This is very nice! You want a sip?”

Sam: “Nah…. Actually, okay, I’ll try a sip. Mmmm, that’s good!”

So, if there was a cartoon character to describe your relationship, who would it be?

Sam: “Tom and Jerry!”

Me: “Why because you guys chase each other around the apartment when you get mad?”

Sam: “The apartment is 1,000 square feet. We can’t really chase eachother.”

Nate: “I don’t watch cartoons.”

How do you handle guests visiting?

Sam: “I always give him advance notice.”

Nate: “You don’t tell me!”

Sam: “Well you are very stealth about visitors. I find out when I see half and half in the fridge that we have a guest over.”

What’s a random fact about each of you?

Nate: “Sam can stand on his head. He also wakes up without an alarm clock at 5:45am.”

Sam: “I’m all about the Yoga! Well, Nate takes long baths. The last time I took a bath was when I had the chicken pox.”

Since you live together, have you ever traveled together?

Sam: “I like to plan in advance. Nate is a bit last minute.So that would be a no!”

Nate: “He is planning for 2014 already, I don’t know where I’m going to be the rest of 2013.”

Sam: “Well, there is this family cruise trip that is happening, but Nate won’t go on a cruise.”

Nate: “I don’t do cruises. The Titanic sank.”

Me: “Can I be adopted by your family? I’ll go!”

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