Accidentally Auditioning for The Birds

The-Birds-alfred-hitchcock-2422003-1024-768I come from a family of animal rescuers. It’s in our nature. As a child, I have fond memories of saving squirrels.  Of course, as an adult, I have a cat, even though I live in a tiny apartment with barely enough room for my roommate and myself. One evening, when I peered out my window, I discovered a bird with its wing ajar, perched on my windowsill. I immediately flew into rescue and respond mode.

I opened the window to better assess the situation. With my head extending over the sill, I kept my balance as I tried to get the bird’s attention. At the moment when I was likely flexing my buttock muscles the most, my roommate walked into my room. As baffled by my behavior as my cat was, she asked “what are you doing?”  Startled, I almost hit my head on the window frame as I came back inside my room.

“There is an injured bird!” I told her, pointing to the roof. She walked to the window to investigate, but shook her said, explaining that it was probably just resting. Nonchalantly, she went back to her routine while I attempted to entice the bird inside with food. I gathered all the fruit from our kitchen, cut up the apples and bananas and reached out the window, encouraging the bird to come inside.

My roommate popped into my room again, yelling at me for wasting all of our food on a silly bird. But, I insisted on the seriousness of the situation. I feared the worst, preparing a small shoe box lined with washcloths to take the bird to the emergency pet hospital. At about 2am, I fell asleep leaning on the window sill, my cat, for better or worse, had stepped in to stand guard for the bird.

The next morning my roommate burst into my room. Stiff from sleeping in this strange position, I groggily mumbled to her “Where is the bird?” As my roommate stuck her head out the window, she confirmed what I was not expecting to hear – the bird had flown away! Saddened by the news, my roommate put the incident of five hours of bird watching into perspective for me:

“Rise and Shine, Hitchcock. It’s about time for you to get a boyfriend!”

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