Prank Your Roommate

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 5.58.03 PMHappy April Fool’s Day! I am a huge fan of this “holiday.” As a kid, I used to gather my pranks in advance at Eddie’s Trick Shop. As an adult, I appreciate the entertaining chuckles I get from the creative online and real life jokes my friends play.   So, naturally today when I was watching tv and saw an interview with the CEO of a new company, fittingly called, my first reaction was: haha, very clever, April Fool’s!

Then, I took a closer look at the site and so far it appears real. In fact, I went in search of an entertaining prank to test out! Of course, I gravitated to the Roommate one. I previewed it online. It’s relatively clever – a young woman calls a guy pretending she saw an advertisement for his apartment on Craigslist. The rest, I’ll let you check out here. 

Listening to this prank made me wonder: what are some great pranks your roommate has played on you or vice versa ? Feel free to message me  or comment below with your story. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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