Cerea-ously Obsessed


At any given time, there were approximately forty boxes of cereal lining the perimeter of our kitchen cabinets. They all belonged to my roommate who displayed the boxes proudly, similar to how my Grandmother showed off her antique doll collection. Except the cereal was not behind glass doors, locked in a cupboard; the boxes were actually dusted off quite frequently for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When visitors came to our 600 square foot apartment, my roommate added a stop at the cereal boxes to the apartment tour. So did I, mostly because so much intrigue surrounded their decorative display.

I tried persuading my roommate to launch a blog about cereals because it was practically a hobby. While not quite on the gourmet trendy food blog level, it was something consistently a part of my roommate’s life that I thought others beyond my friends would find entertainment from the pursuit. Cereal collecting was not an inexpensive hobby, considering we lived in Manhattan where prices of cereal often obscurely cost $6.99 a box. However, I later learned my roommate frequented the dollar store aisles in search of cereal bargains. Nonetheless, I was ready to register whatever domain name my roommate wanted, whenever ready.

One day, a framed picture of cereal and milk appeared on the kitchen wall, an decorative addition that complimented the boxes. This Martha Stewart moment in my roommate’s life confirmed being one of the cerea-ously obsessed. Quickly, the number of boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats and Lucky Charms rivaled the fruit and vegetables I brought home from the store. I felt our kitchen resembled my college dining hall where you could sample any cereal “on tap.” I was invited to taste test any flavor, but never took my roommate up on the offer.


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