The Post-It Roommate

Sometime between when Romy and Michelle invented the Post-It for their High School Reunion and when Berger broke up with Carrie on a Post-It, my roommate and I communicated solely via the yellow sticky note. Of course, our relationship did not begin this way. We had actually chosen to live together during a semester abroad and explored the local bars and museums together.

Then, a series of events soured our relationship like milk left out of the refrigerator for way too long. He scored a girlfriend who always seemed to spend the night and, when she did no’t, they needed to be in constant contact on the phone. I apparently used the internet too frequently, and tied up our shared phone line. The busy phone line created drama because, yes, it was the days of dial-up so using the phone line at 6am was apparently a hardship for my roommate whose insane girlfriend was trying to call him at that early hour. I refused to get an additional phone line and, as a result, our verbal exchanges transitioned to written.

A stack of the Post-it’s appeared on the kitchen table one day and I soon saw his scribblings on them. For example, when we were low on toilet paper or milk, he would leave a Post-it with a request to purchase said toilet paper or milk. Confused, I followed suit. And then, this cycle repeated.It was on a little yellow sticky Post-it that I found out that my roommate wanted to extend our lease for the summer. I had been planning on leaving, and I refused to pay longer than what we had agreed upon.

So I took the initiative, and like a good roommate, I plastered our neighborhood with flyers to find him a proper subletter. I was tempted to put the advertisement on a post-it, but I restrained myself. And, by proper, I mean a subletter who would drive him crazy over the summer. We lived in quite the colorful area, and the applicants who began to trickle in to take over my portion of the lease were just as colorful as the neighborhood. Quickly, he decided to foot the bill for the extra cost incurred from me moving out. He let me know via Post-it, of course “Hey, dude. It’s all good. No need to find a new roommate.Take Care”

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