How OkCupid Helped Me Find My Dream Roommate

I’m completely out of practice when it comes to finding a roommate. After years of roommate bliss, I found myself unexpectedly thrust back into the tedious roommate search process. Uninspired, I could not motivate myself to write what had been an annual Craigslist tradition: a post that generated lots of potential roommate suitors. Previously, it had just come so naturally: this is me, this is my place, and these are the qualities you should embody.

However, as I stared at the blank screen, experiencing writer’s block, I dreamed of a studio or a live-in boyfriend to end this nerve wrecking search process. I knew I had just written a description of myself for another website. It might prove useful to spark my writing so I opened a new browser,  sheepishly grinned and typed in my password to OkCupid.

This site is most famous for its algorithm of asking questions to match you with a date who answers similarly. Alas no such similar “scientific” search engine exists (not yet) to screen roommates. Apparently, in October 2012 though, OkCupid was thinking about it, with mixed reaction from the public. If a reality, it would generate the best questions: how often  do you leave dishes in the sink? what would most likely be in your  vegetable bin – beer or potatoes? do you prefer to host parties or keep the party at a bar?

Until that is a reality, I zoomed in on my self-summary details (age, hometown, education). What am I  doing with my life? I would be vague, but demonstrate employment. For now, I skipped my favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food, that would come later, when we met. But, on a Typical Friday night, prompted me to think about how I describe my lifestyle choices.. Finally, I adapted “what I’m looking for” into an “About You” roommate section.

I added a description of my place, and Voila, posted! Now, the fun part began, going on roommate  dates. This romance needed to be a whirlwind. In less than two weeks, I needed to progress from coffee to a proposal. Perhaps when I find the match, I’ll submit our success story. Oh wait, that’s a whole different website all together, J-Roommate…


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