New Year’s Resolutions: Buy Chalk

Happy New Year! Waking up on January 1st, I am always acutely aware of how different, yet the same one day can feel from the next. With the changing of a year, an imaginary reset button is hit as we say goodbye to the past 365 days. While in reality, it is just one day later, there is suddenly the opportunity to reflect on the past and the future. That change is often accompanied by setting New Year’s resolutions.


This New Year’s Eve, my roommates and I hosted a party, toasting 2013 with 84 of our “closest friends.” As guys in our 20s, the possibility of coordinating festive decorations was unlikely. Instead, we pooled our creativity to announce the christening of our living room’s chalkboard by asking our party guests to join our ambitious spirits with some public goals of their own. Personally, I love setting resolutions, breaking them into categories with monthly goals, and tracking my results in an Excel file. It seemed only appropriate to invite my guests to share in the tradition, in a slightly less formal process.

After all, our chalkboard had not been used since we moved in this fall, mostly, because we kept forgetting to buy chalk. In honor of New Year’s Eve, we bought a dart board which came with chalk for scoring. Half of the chalk stayed put for that purpose, the rest went to the board for our guests to scribble their New Year’s Resolutions.

Throughout the evening, guests wrote their resolutions – from “Benchpress 225 pounds” to “Move to Hong Kong” to a few untranslatable goals (which can be chalked up to terrible handwriting or intoxication). The activity proved to be a lot of fun, sparking conversation amongst guests. At the end of the night, the board looked like what you see above.

As you look ahead to 2013, what are your New Year’s Resolutions for yourself or for you and your roommate? Perhaps it is to overlook food left in the sink or to take initiative and scrub the tub first or maybe it’s to socialize more with your roommate, outside of watching tv on the couch. Whatever the resolutions may be, don’t forget that a fresh restart also comes to roommates as you begin the year together in shared housing bliss.


Personally, I am setting several blog resolutions.  I’m hoping by declaring them publicly, upholding them will be more likely. I would like to write more often, posting several times per week. I would like to add illustrations to posts. Photographs have been fun, but I’m looking for an artist who would be willing to be my creative drawing partner. If anyone knows a NYC contender, I would welcome an introduction. I would like to write another script for a second show. Finally, I would like to turn Roommate for Rent into a book! I welcome your suggestions to help me achieve these resolutions. Here is to 2013!

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