Hostel Roommates

As I’m traveling through South East Asia solo, hostel by hostel, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of different travel roommates. As I approached my time abroad, I prepared myself with the expectation that some random dude might return to the hostel drunk and throw up all over his bed or worse, all over me. Two months into the adventure, I have already experienced my share of unusual hostel roommates.

In Myanmar, I met a German girl, let’s call her Katrina . She seemed normal enough so we decided to split a room together at a hostel, rather than being assigned a random stranger. Before deciding on a hostel, she made us visit three places, reviewing the options as if we were about to check into a four star resort. We were both on a budget, but she wanted an extremely inexpensive place. The place she selected was $10 for the night.

As we settled into the room, I was exhausted from traveling and all I wanted to do was to fall asleep on my lumpy “mattress.” After brushing her teeth, Katrina decided to adjust the temperature. She said she needed more air-conditioning. Suddenly, the room became extremely warm. When I looked at the temperature of 82 degrees, I asked her if we could please turn it down to the air. She refused, and our room quickly became a sauna.
In my sarcastic state, I explained to her that this temperature was what Americans called heat, not air. I think she pretended to not understand the translation. That evening, I did not sleep as I tossed and turned from the extreme tropical heat in our room. I couldn’t help but wonder what temperature she kept her apartment in Germany.  If I stayed with her, it would need to be in winter. I would bring my extra sleeping bag coat just in case she turned on the “heat” which would actually be the air this time.

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