My Audition for Spiderman (the Roommate)

Before this story begins, I would like to gently remind readers that not all posts on this blog are mine. But, they are told in first person to protect the anonymity of the author. That being said, my favorite super hero is Wonder Woman. 

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of growing up to become a super hero – Spiderman was my role model of choice! I even had his pajamas when I was six, yet it took me twenty years to attempt to step into his shoes one very cold winter night.

While living in Tuxedo, New York, I traveled into New York City to meet my childhood best friend and future roommate for a concert. In the middle of the show, I somehow decided to wander very far away. I’m not sure what compelled me to navigate from Penn Station to Astoria, but I think perhaps too many beers brought out the Spiderman in me because I found myself standing in the freezing cold buzzing the doorbell of my future apartment. Of course, no one was home. My friend and future roommate was still at the concert.

My phone battery had died. The rational reaction would have been to go a local bar to wait. But, as I looked up at the building,  I was inspired by the fire escape. If I could climb high enough – I could open his window and enter the apartment! So, I paced the block to discover a building with steps leading to the top floor.

From the sill of a window, I jumped and pulled myself onto the roof. I wish I had taken in the view more – it was pretty spectacular. But, with the rush of adrenaline that I can only attribute to my Spiderman moment, I jumped two feet to the next building. One more building until I reached my future apartment! I accelerated as I leaped to the next roof, realizing halfway through the air that I was pretty high from the ground. Thankfully, the snow softened my landing on the roof.

Proudly, I stood on the roof with my elbows extended in super hero pose before I proceeded to climb down the fire escape to the 3rd floor. When I reached my friend’s window, I tugged and tugged. It was locked. I had not thought about that possibility. Again, I wondered why? Defeated, I dropped the fire escape ladder and climbed to the street.

As I stood shivering, trying to remember my friend’s phone number, he arrived home, bewildered. He opened the door and made me promise to never wander off from him at a concert ever again and to never attempt to be Spiderman once we officially lived together. Perhaps, it was time for a new superhero.

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