Fabulous First “Dress” Rehearsal

Sigh. It’s the end of a 3 day holiday weekend. No one wants the fun to end. So, tonight we substituted a lot of laughs instead. With the show less than a week away – AH! – most of the cast came over to my place for dinner followed by our first read through of the show.

Rewind: throughout the weekend, I locked myself in my apartment to write, delete, and write some more. Wen and Grace stopped by to rehearse (and keep me connected to the world).  Yesterday morning, I skyped with Debbie to review her scene – I laughed a lot when she incorporated a stuffed animal into the script.

It was a really incredible feeling to hear the script read out loud, by many different characters, for the first-time. We fine-tuned scenes with hilarious additions. About half way through, we got creative, pulling out the props. I’m not going to caption these scenes because they are just funnier if we had you guess what on earth is happening….

Hopefully, we will see you on Sunday the 9th for the big reveal! Visit our Facebook Fan page for more photos worthy of a laugh out loud. (While you’re there, like us, if you haven’t alerady?)



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