Overheard At The Flea

We’ve been a fan of the blog Overheard in New York since, well, we dreamed of moving to New York City.

So when we ventured out to the Brooklyn Flea last Sunday with our “Roommate Advice for 5 cents” sign, we collected roommate stories. While many people did not have specific experiences to share, they summarized their reactions with succint one-liners, which we are dubbing “Overheard At The Flea,” inspired by “Overheard in New York.”

Some of these classics will be featured next Sunday in a scene at our show at the People’s Improv Theater. We hope to see you there for more entertaining roommate experiences! Without further adieu:

  • Ben, it’s just hair (while cleaning dishes with a bathroom sponge instead of kitchen sponge)
  • I had roommates in the 70s…but I don’t remember anything from the 70s…
  • I was living on a tropical island for 8 months near Madascar, it’s near the Indian Ocean,my roommates…. (were the trees)?
  • Does an Ex-Wife count as a roommate?
  • My roommate asked her psychic about me. She wanted to know if it would be a peaceful year leaving together. (Karma’s a b*!&$, babe.)
  • I’ve turned into an anthropologist observing the patterns of my roommates in their own habitats (ok, Jane Goodall, do you live with monkeys?)
  • Nice to meet you. What are you into? I’m into gooey foods and space operas. That is because I’m an alien.Let me know what you want and I can bring it. My freshmen Roommate at Johns Hopkins before we met. (Time for a transfer already?)
  • These Vegans ate my Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. I thought they didn’t drink milk!?


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