I Want to Work in Venture Capital

My friend forwarded me a roommate advertisement for an apartment with two guy roommates. She had gone to college with both of them. I hesitated. I could not possibly live with guys, maybe one, but two? Not a chance, but, out of curiosity, I decided to keep an open-mind, and brought along a girlfriend to help me evaluate the apartment and the men.

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The apartment was beautiful. It had breathtaking views overlooking Central Park. The room was small, but it had a balcony. I met roommate one who was very nice. Then, I met roommate two who I instantly fell in love with at hello. It was summer, and he was particularly toned and tanned. Any doubt I had about the apartment melted when I met him. I made a mental note to ask my friend why she had not made an introduction  to this guy before today. I was ready to move into the room next to his tomorrow.

I told the guys I was interested in being their roommate.  They had me sign my name on the list of potential roommates. I was the eighth one who had been by that day. I agreed, wondering if I should list my phone number, but only put my email. All the while, my friend just stared at me, not knowing how to handle me, the prim and proper girl, who suddenly wanted to live with two rowdy post college grads.

As we left the apartment, I elbowed her in excitement while walking towards the elevator. She elbowed back. “Are you crazy?” she asked. “Ahh, he is so cute,” I exclaimed. “Which one,” she rolled her eyes, “He is hot, but you can’t be serious,” she chastised me. “You can’t live with him if you have a crush.” “Why not?” I asked. “Perhaps. we’ll fall in love?” I responded. “Or you’ll see all the girls he brings home, and be heartbroken” she brought me back to reality.

I knew my friend was right about living with these guys, but I secretly hoped they would pick me as their roommate. A week later, my dream of living next to roommate two did not pan out. So, I emailed him to get together. I asked if he had time to meet to talk about his job in venture capital. I said I wanted to work in the field. It was 20 percent accurate. He suggested breakfast to discuss. I agreed, willing to wake up ridiculously early to win over Prince Charmingstein (I would straighten my hair the night before). He emailed meto reschedule. Two months later, we never met up. He moved across the country. So, I moved on to roommate number one, not for myself, but for my friend.

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