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I will always remember my first apartment search.  While I was convinced I was mature, in actuality, I was incredibly naive.  Stubbornly, I insisted upon managing the process myself – with little to no help from family and friends. The first advertisement I read that seemed promising, I jumped on it. It described a room in a house a bit out of the city. I felt proud for discovering such a moderately priced place with cable, washer and dryer. In addition, a cleaning service was included. I envisioned this life of luxury, and I was practically sold without seeing it.

Before I called the owner, I rehearsed my speech. I tried to come up with a list of questions, but after staring at a sheet of paper blankly for a few minutes, I just dialed. Within moments of chatting, the apartment owner asked if I was okay with “the situation.” I wondered what he meant – did he nickname himself after one of the stars of MTV’s Jersey Shore? Perplexed, I asked him for more detail. He explained to me how he wore suits to work, but liked to be “comfortable” at home. This is where involving someone with a few more years of experience would have been a smart idea. Since I did not quite understand, I responded I prefered jeans all the time since I was in school, and scheduled a time to view the apartment.

During my visit to his apartment, it became very clear almost immediately why the room was so cheap. The owner clarified what he he was looking for – a model roommate. As I nodded my head, I began to connect the dots. He did not mean someone who would take out the trash and not leave dishes in the sink. Rather, he was looking for a European lingerie model roommate. He wanted his housemate to wear lingerie all the time. And for him, being comfortable at home meant walking around naked.

I did everything I could to have a expeditious exit. As I walked out the door, he handed me a list of house rules. I really wish I had kept them. Over the years, my memory had faded as to what exactly was listed, but it was a lot of what to wear and when not to wear it.  After this first failed apartment viewing, I strived to closely read all other posts in detail. In particular, avoiding any post requesting a model roommate.

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