The Princess and The Pea

In the classic fairytale, The Princess and the Pea, a royal to be is tested by sleeping on top of twenty mattresses and one tiny pea. Despite the soft feathers, she feels the pea pinching the entire evening, proving her pedigree.

While the only crown I have ever worn was when I had a dance recital at age six, I very much relate to the Princess’ sensitive sleep requisites.  My bed is lofted with a double mattress pad and box spring to provide maximum cushion. I despise pull out couches and cots. Sleeping bags are a remnant of my past summer camp days.

Fittingly, when I first moved into my apartment, I  ensured my bed would be delivered the same day. However, my roommate slept on an air mattress the first night.  She brushed it off with an excuse about wanting to take the bus to Ikea to see all of her options.  As the days turned into weeks, she still did not own a real mattress.  I was baffled by  her lack of motivation to buy a bed. She definitely could afford a bed, a very nice one. Besides price, what else could be stopping her? Perhaps, it was the space? Her room was slightly smaller.

At month three, I realized it was unlikely she would ever have a real bed.  I found it strange as did many of my friends who came over to visit. I contemplated  testing her royal status and placing a pea under her air mattress, but decided it would likely grow moldy because she would probably never feel it.

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