Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

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In less than a month, I will celebrate my half birthday. There will be cake, balloons, and presents. Actually, I am more of a low maintenance birthday girl – dinner and drinks with close friends far surpasses anything material. However, my roommate enthusiastically endorsed the celebration of real birthdays with presents. Fittingly on my special day, she gave me a gift wrapped in purple paper topped with a matching ribbon.

I wondered what could be inside as I delicately opened the box. Of all my friends, she actually had an advantage because as roommates we were constantly surrounded by each other’s favorite things. I knew she liked anime, romance novels, pad thai, and costume jewelry. Surely, she knew just as much about me – the food I liked because of what I put in the fridge, my favorite scents based on the body wash in the bathroom, and my fashion style because of what I wore every day. Or, so I thought…

When I opened the gift, the present glittered back at me: two shiny earrings. I flashed a smile of appreciation as genuinely as I could muster, hoping not to reveal my actual confusion.  “Do you like it?” my roommate asked, eager to please. “Yes, of course, they are perfect,” I nodded, feeling like a newly married wife who had just received a blender for her anniversary. I could not let on what I really thought about this gift.

Yes, diamonds (in this case, faux diamonds) are a girl’s best friend, but not when you can’t wear the diamond earrings because your ears are not pierced. For now, I tucked the earrings in my jewerly box to admire them from a far, and focused on the cake and balloons instead.

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