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She is my almost roommate. I seriously considered moving into her apartment. The location was perfect; the apartment was beautifully decorated; and the building had a 24 hour doorman to accept packages and welcome guests. The only problem — she had a hotmail account. That was not the reason exactly. Mostly, it was the price. When I crunched the financial figures, I realized being her roommate meant I would have to eat most of my meals at home and excursions would be within an unlimited metro card radius only. But, she also did have a hotmail address.

Initially, I had given my almost roommate the benefit of the doubt with her hotmail account. It was not as if it was an anonymous sounding address similiar to the screen names of our childhood with numbers and letter combinations. Instead, it was her first name and last name at hotmail. I figured perhaps she was not as social media obsessed as me.

As much as I wanted to be her roommate, I had to politely decline. My “sorry this won’t work email” to her felt a bit like dating rejections I had sent to guys in the past. It didn’t quite read  “it’s not you, it’s me,” but it felt like it, especially because I signed in with the expressed desire to be friends. After all, we already had so many friends in common, we were bound to run into each other in our overlapping circles in the future.

Sure enough, a week later, we bumped into each other. We chatted for a bit, and agreed to meet up soon. The next day, I sent her an email to the hotmail account. She responded quickly, and liked the suggestion for meeting up at a fun event later that month.

However, when I saw the post script, I laughed out loud — by the way, I check my gmail address more often than this one, feel free to write to me there instead. I only really used this hotmail email for my apartment search. Busted! She had given me a fake email. Not quite completely fake, but close enough.

So, her secret and temporary hotmail account became a joke we referred to when explaining our almost roommate story. We almost did not become friends too –  what if she never checked her hotmail account after finding a roommate, and never saw my email?

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