The Cat in the Hat Visits Our Apartment

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, 1957

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In the classic “The Cat in the Hat” series, a pink ring develops around the bath tub in one of the books. I always recalled the origin of that mess to be the cat’s aversion to cleaning. Years later, I rediscovered the source  - the cat’s frivolous snacking on a cake. Combined with running water, the icing smears a giant pink ring around the tub.

Despite my memory relapse, I applied this analogy to gently remind my roommate it was her turn to clean. After all, there actually was a pink ring of mildew forming around the drain. However, unlike Dr. Suess, my creative comparison was not accompanied by illustrations or rhyming poems.

What might a poetic version of my email have sounded like had I actually described The Cat in the Hat visits our apartment? Perhaps, something like this…

Our bathroom is in need of a serious scrub;
The tub desperately appears in need of a rub;
The tiles require much more than dial;
And the enamel looks like it was sat on by a camel.
Would you please prioritize a clean as I’m not very happy with what I’ve seen.

I wonder how my roommate might have responded if she received that version of the email. Instead, I just referenced the pink ring, and proposed a solution that only the age bracket of The Cat in the Hat’s biggest fans would have agreed to try: a cleaning chart system with stickers to track our accomplished chores. Unfortunately that approach did not change much, and a few weeks later the pink ring returned.

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