The Case of the Peanut Butter Thief

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When I received the Scout Mob deal yesterday for 50% off at Peanut Butter and Co.  in the West Village, I thought of one of the unsolved mysteries of my first apartment: the Case of the Peanut Butter Thief. It sounds like a mystery for the files of Encyclopedia Brown, but, in reality, the detectives more closely resembled Nancy Drew sleuths in training.

The five of us lived in a post college apartment on budgets which meant our eating habits consisted of simple cuisine – ramen noodles, salads, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In order to avoid confusion, each of us had a section of the refrigerator and a cabinet.

Minimal food sharing occurred so when a new jar of peanut butter transformed from completely full to the sides licked clean overnight, strife resulted in our house. Annoyed, the roommate who had purchased the peanut butter mumbled about this inconsiderate action, and bought another container.

Strangely, the same exploit happened with the second jar of peanut butter.  It was not as if this was gourmet truffle oil infused freshly roasted peanut butter. It was the store bought brand set to expire so far in the future you sometimes wondered whether it not you should be eating it in the first place.  With this inconsiderate declaration of food war, the case of the peanut butter thief launched from the kitchen table as my roommate accused one of us of being the culprit.

Everyone maintained innocence. As we gossiped about who the thief might actually be, a few theories emerged – perhaps one of us sleepwalked at night, consumed the entire jar, and had no recollection of this erratic behavior the next morning? One of us  blamed the landlady who actually had a key, kept late nights, and could easily enter and exit without anyone seeing her. But, why leave the jar?

To catch the peanut butter thief, we considered lining the outside of jar with invisible ink. But, we discussed this idea as a group so clearly if the thief was amongst us, one of us would begin wearing gloves.

Many jars of peanut butter later and still years after I moved,  the Case of the Peanut Butter Thief remains an unsolved mystery. To this day, every time I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I think of the unsolved mystery of the peanut butter thief.
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