Have Dishwasher, Will Travel

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In searching for an apartment, many people have a list of  top requirements followed by a tier of it would be nice, but not necessary items.  While the majority would likely rank a dishwasher on the latter, I prioritize it on the former. I might be willing to go on record declaring I will never live anywhere without a dishwasher ever again.

To show you how serious I am about despising washing dishes by hand, this story serves as proof. Before I moved out of my apartment, I had to leave it in the condition I had arrived for my roommate, my landlord. Because it was a furnished apartment, that also meant cleaning the dishes. For the past two years I lived there, I had not done a very good job of cleaning the dishes so they were in need of a significant scrubbing.

Then, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. The new apartment I was moving into had a dishwasher! I could take the dishes there, wash them, and bring them back, right? Not as easy as I had initially thought.

I packed the dishes into my backpack, and walked onto the subway at 34th Street. When the train suddenly lurched, I realized my plan was not so thorough. I had a long ride ahead of me – all the way to Wall Street. Everytime the train swayed, my heart skipped a beat in fear I would drop the already heavy bag, shattering the dishes across all of the commuters. I also had no concept of how much the set cost  - for all I knew considering the well decorated apartment, these could be designer dishes worth an entire week’s pay.

Thankfully, I arrived safely at my new apartment, carefully placed the dishes in the dishwasher, and they came out as clean as I had hoped. Because I feared another rocky subway ride, I hailed a cab back to my old place. Fifteen dollars later, I placed the dishes into the cabinet nearly as clean as I had found them two years earlier. Not only did I spend more than it would have cost to buy plastic gloves, a sponge, and at least two containers of soap, I also wasted nearly half a day. After all that, I accidentally kept a mug too. Despite the dishwasher’s strength, it did not move the stains on this cup so it now holds pens in my current place. Thankfully, the owner of the apartment did not notice.

In order to avoid any future dish washing mishaps like this, I have vowed to only live in places with a dishwasher. In the event that mine stops working, and you have a dishwasher, I may or may not travel to “borrow” it.

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