The Art of the Ad

Statement of Purpose

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I feel as if I am writing a personal statement for college all over again. Except instead of the Admissions Office reviewing it, the entire Internet has access to who I am and who I would like to be my roommate.

As I draft my roommate search ad, I hesitate. Do I begin with me – my age, personality, and education level or instead focus on the apartment, its budget, location, and type of building? I decide to start with who I am hoping to share 650 square feet with for the year.

I am seeking a roommate who will be a friend. Don’t worry if you are afraid of commitment, I am not looking for someone to hang out with on the couch every night.  It’s just I would bring my roommate chicken soup if you are sick (unless you are a vegetarian, then it is miso soup for you). I hope you are the kind of person who will do the same.

Our apartment will feel like home because we will each contribute to decorating it, making the most of the hand me downs from our families and bonding over assembling Ikea furniture.    We might actually watch tv together or bake brownies on a cold winter night. And when we make weekend plans, we will consider inviting the other to wait on a ridiculously long line for discount tickets to a Broadway show. Cleaning responsibilities will be split evenly, and bills paid on-time.

In theory, this is what I am seeking in a roommate. But, can I post this? I realized there is an art to the ad, but I tabled my “romantic” vision of the perfect roommate temporarily. Instead, I compromised on the following:

Responsible, College Graduate in her 20s seeks similar nice smoke-free roommate with full-time job to share doorman apartment on Upper East Side. I’m outgoing. I like to cook, and explore NYC. Move in date is September 1. Rent  $1200 per month, utilities approximately $40. Security Deposit required.

We shall see who writes back…

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