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Old Roommate

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Several years after living with my significant other, I found myself unexpectedly searching for a new place to live on my own. Thankfully, my best friend and his fiance offered me their couch for as long as I needed. But, realistically, I needed to get settled some place on my own again and move forward with my life.

As I  approached my apartment search, I realized I was just as out of practice with this process as I was with dating.  The first and only priority my intuition told me to pursue in both areas – appearance. I wanted a place I would look forward to coming home to after work.  I could not regress to my first decrepit apartment. But, I also did not need high maintenance, i.e. a doorman was out of the question.

Now, what should I prioritize next on my list? Personality! In the case of my apartment search, that actually mattered a lot.  I wanted to live with fun roommates. The type of roommates who were interested in grabbing drinks after work and would be up for hosting a party for no other reason than it was the weekend.

With my list of priorities, I poured over the Craigslist listings. When I read the post for the 3 bedroom apartment in the West Village, I liked the roommates immediately based on their description and the photos seemed promising. The next day, they invited me to stop by their  apartment. Miraculously, the apartment looked the same in person as it did online – also a rarity in dating. After joking around with the roommates, I left the with a good feeling – this was the place!

I had an internal debate much like I used to have after a great first date: how do I show I am  interested without seeming desperate? I needed to let them know I wanted to see them again, but I did not want to scare them off completely. I hesitated. Then, realized all I had going for me was my friend’s couch. I took the aggressive approach, and sent the following text: “Great meeting  you guys. I think we’d be a great fit as roommate. I’d love to take the spot.”

After I hit send, I worried: was that too forward? I continued to question myself as I waited anxiously for a response. In this instant digital era, I wondered how long it would take for them to text back? They made me wait a few hours. Then, a casual and concise response – “yea, we agree. come by tomorrow to sign the lease.”

Allright, they liked me back! It was an amazing feeling. I was about to begin a new relationship with roommates.  I had found two Mr. Rights to split the rent, cable,  utilities, and hopefully a few beers. Now, if only dating again would be this easy.

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