Date My Roommate

Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Soun...

It felt like an episode of Sex and The City – except the post college edition when Carrie might have had a roommate and the girls may have enjoyed less extravagant weekly Sunday brunches on a budget.

Nonetheless, the conversation unfolding in my apartment could have been straight out of the show. My roommate and I had each joined dating websites at the same time. Disappointed with the dating scene in New York, we instead trusted our love life to a computer matchmaker. So begins the episode of “Date My Roommate…”

In each of our online searches for Prince Charming, we would agree on a cute guy’s profile, but never did we think to disclose to each other every guy we were chatting with on the site. A search for 23-30 year old men in the New York City area yielded hundreds of options. Perhaps it was a fear of jinxing a potential relationship if we spoke too soon about a mystery guy who seemed perfect in his 250 word profile? When it came time for the ball, we knew we would be a part of the other’s planning, but until then, we kept the online boys in our life a secret.

In the excitement about upcoming dates,  we both shared with one of our guy friends from college about the mystery man we would each be meeting later that week. He “listened” as we described via chat the smart, successful, finance focused New Yorkers – a dime a dozen, right?  At the same time, another window popped up on his computer, and a friend of his from home began to tell him about a girl he had met online. Then, he mentioned another girl.

When they say it is a small world, it is an even smaller online dating world.  Online dating doesn’t necessarily restrict how many  people you could talk to at one time, but perhaps there should be a feature added to let suitors know that these girls are not only friends, but roommates? Or Perhaps there should be another option all together – date my roommate.

To be fair, LI1984 (profile name changed to protect anonymity) had no idea he was talking to both of us at the same time. Our friend broke the news to us gently. Disappointed, we both laughed it off and as true friends would do, choose each other over our new potential online friend. Granted, as best friends, we shared a lot – shoes and hand bags, but we drew the line at guys.

I wonder, what would Samantha have said about this situation if we were all having Sunday brunch? I’m not sure I could post her retort here, but I bet it would have been good.

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