Not Your Typical Christmas Tree

Despite my age of 28, I have never had my very own grown-up Christmas tree as an adult. Growing up, my family had a tree (like the one to the right). But, college, grad school, and real world living never lended itself well to having a tree. I almost always went home for the holidays anyways.

This Christmas, my roommate decided to surprise me with a tree in our apartment. When I came home from a long day at the office on a Saturday, he had been hard at work on a surpise tree.

It was not at all what I was expecting, but so much better. He turned our lamp into a tree complete with the paper cut out tree, faux ornaments, and presents for each of us. Take a look at his design below.

Perhaps our tiny apartment might have been easily overpowered by the smell of pine needles, a small budget, or a lack of desire to carry anything other than grocery bags up flights of stairs that inspired this creative Christmas tree. Either way,  it is my first adult tree, and nothing could be better except for what might be inside my present…

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