The Art of the Ad


The popular and quite hilarious blog “Damn You Auto Correct” released its top funniest texts of the year. If you haven’t checked it out, take a look. Inspired and entertained, the new blogger in me decided to read more about the process for sharing these texts with the world. Of course, there is no scientific method involved – if it makes the blogger laugh, it’s posted. Every text is as verified as it can be, not withstanding the potential of pranksters who can (and most likely do) submit imaginative auto corrects for the audience’s delight.

Damn You Auto Correct takes the everyday moments which are a part of life, and finds the funny, unexpected, and sometimes strange diversions amidst the routine. I wondered: where else can real life moments seamlessly intersperse with the out of this world to trigger — “is this for real” reactions? In my world of roommates for rent, I have this experience every time I explore Craigslist’s apartment listings.

Whether you moved in a few months ago or a few years ago,  odds are you are likely to remember the process of sorting through anonymous apartment advertisements. While the learning curve isn’t too steep, you still had to sift through the postings, and every page or so likely came across the ad that made you wonder first, is this a real request, and second, if so, what planet could this person be from?

From this past week’s posts, I spotted more than a few entertaining roommate offers. If I were attempting a career in stand-up comedy, I would respond with the questions and comments below each post:

“looking for someone who is cooperative, and doesn’t mind sharing everyday stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, ketchup, etc. (It really doesn’t make sense to have four ketchups and eight mayonnaise, yada yada in the fridge)”

—have you really had that many different condiments at the same time from past roommates? please define yada yada, however, I do give you points for referencing Seinfeld.

“couch is being rented out for $250 month. Its great for people who only need somewhere to crash for the night. Also if you don’t have much stuff, then is a great opportunity to rent out for temporary. No long term commitment”

—seriously, for the non-committal, duh! who would consider a year long couch lease? someone okay with a stiff neck? where would your stuff go, under the couch? $250 is still a lot, does it come with internet, utilities, and any privacy?

“Very safe area – There is a police station across the street!”

—where exactly is this place? telling me that the police are across the street actually makes me wonder if I should be concerned.

I wish I could meet the people behind each of these and the other posts. Who knows, some of them might actually be real? Either way, thanks for entertaining me. There is really an art to writing the roommate ad, and I’m on a quest now to see who can make me laugh the hardest along the way.

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