My Beloved Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain 2

If you had to choose one item that defined your personality in your home, what would it be? For some, it might be their Sunday Night Football recliner with a built in section for remote, beer, and just enough space for popcorn. For others, it might be the photograph from a European vacation enlarged to canvas size and stretched above the couch.

For me, this defining design piece transcended five apartments and three roommates. Despite its daily use and abuse of hot steaming temperatures, my beloved shower curtain survived until its forced retirement last year. I vividly remember the day I found it. The color and theme emodied my personality as a child and the grown-up life I was embarking upon in a big city.  From a young age, I have loved bright pink. While many children outgrow that phase or even rebel against, I never tired of pink despite playing on the soccer team “Pink Power”  and painting my room  the brightest magenta, so much so that the painters at Benjamin Moore had to create a new shade.

So, naturally when I left my family’s house to settle into my first New York City apartment, the color combination of pink came with me. The bright pinks, purples,greens, and yellows on this shower curtain formed miniature cartoon store fronts, showcasing the highest fashion of cities like New York, Paris, and Milan. It was love at first sight.  However, I gave little thought to how my future roommate would feel about this masterpiece. To each of their credits, the girls who I lived with embraced (or tolerated) this shower curtain despite their obvious preferance for more muted colors like beige  and pale green which characterized their rooms and the living room.

When my roommate announced she was moving out, I began the tedious search for a replacement. At the right place and the right time, I clicked with a potential guy roommate. When he came to look at the apartment, I nonchallantly waved at the shower curtain, and said, oh, this old thing will definitely need to go if you move in, instantanly feeling sad at losing this bright staple. Sure enough, when he moved in, I needed to take down my curtain. I searched for a suitable replacement, and hanging in its place is now the polar opposite – a blank slate of black and white geomatric shapes, featured above.

Now, my beloved curtain, featured below, is a wrinkled beach blanket, but like an old stuffed animal, I can not bare to part with it. I’m grateful to my roommates for the five year tenure that it enjoyed. We have all adjusted our styles at some point, what have you compromised on in the design of your shared space?

Shower Curtain 1

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